Wednesday, February 15, 2012

14 weeks

This week Baby Hamilton is the size of a
How far along? 14 Weeks Total weight gain: Hopefully, 0. Guess I'll find out next week at the dr.'s appointment Maternity clothes? Bottoms, yes. Tops, no. Trying to use what I have since what I'll really need are summer clothes Stretch marks? none! Sleep: not the greatest. Still waking up a couple times a night. Best moment this week: knowing the CVS test was just perfect! Miss Anything? Chik-fil-a Movement: maybe some flutters Food cravings: ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream Anything making you queasy or sick: chicken. The look of it, the smell of it. And chicken was my favorite food. Gender: Boy Labor Signs: No, and don;t want any for 26 more weeks. Symptoms: my hip bones are killing me. Belly Button in or out? in Wedding rings on or off? on Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy Looking forward to: Starting to get the nursery ready and finding a name

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